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BNC Shield for Arduino (2017)

This shield extends the usability of Arduino Uno for neurobiological experiments. Digital IO can be routed to all five BNC connectors and three of them has an alternative function: one analog output for waveform generation and two analog inputs. Optional light intensity and temperature sensors.

BNC Shield


Extension Boards for LIGO Advanced Timing System (2008)

These two pieces of hardware were a tiny contribution to the first detection of gravitational waves by Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

The Timing Comparator extension board has seven 50 Ohm terminated input channels receive 1 PPS signals at TTL level and converts them to LVDS signal. Four channel generates 1 PPS signals from LVDS at TTL level with 50 Ohm driving capability.

Timing Comparator Rev B

Six layers were used for the PCB design of the Duotone expansion board. It two analog outputs for generating duotone signals. Eight clock outputs are available for driving 50 Ohm lines. Additionally two RS-485 ports, LCD interface and general purpose digital IOs can be utilized.


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Product Tracker (2008)

Zigbee based transponder for tracking products in Factory Installation Services in National Instruments plant. A loud buzzer indicates the location of the tracked item. Long, four week battery life.

Xbee node

Bluetooth Meteorological Station (2006)

My diploma design was to design the PCB and implement firmware of a meteorological data logger. Logs data from externally connected WXT510 meteorological station. Data stored to 2 Mbyte flash, read out through Bluetooth 2.0 interface.

Meteorological Data Logger

Home Made Hardware

Remote Car Controller (2007)

FPGA based controller board for RC cars.


  • Spartan3 FPGA with platform flash
  • Application runs on Microblaze softcore processor
  • Remote control via Zigbee radio
  • RS-232 interface
  • Maximum system clock 48 MHz
  • 50 pin expansion connector

RC Car Controller

Bluetooth Flash Memory (2006)


  • ARM7 based microcontroller running at 58.9824 MHz
  • MMC card slot - FAT16 and FAT32 support
  • Class 1 Bluetooth - 100 m range
  • Real Time clock - data retention half year
  • RS-232 interface for debugging

Possible applications:

  • Embedded, wireless storage device
  • Intelligent Bluetooth node

Wireless Flash Memory

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